• In a consumer market driven by Millennials, it is crucial that retailers not only produce and supply the products popular with the generation, but to also design stores with this influential client in mind. Although the overarching stereotype of Millennials is that they only shop online, they do shop in stores and often only use their phone or computer to compare prices. And contrary to popular belief, Millennials are brand loyal. Designing a Millennial-friendly store is a great way to gain this loyalty from the group that holds a whopping $200 billion in annual buying power. —Michael Horton, senior associate and senior project designer, Lauckgroup


    1. The Great Outdoors
    Millennials are drawn to spaces that seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor. For example, the YETI store in Dallas features an outdoor connection with a patio. Front porch concepts also allow large doors to open up and make customers feel as if they are outdoors.

  • 2. Biophilia Experience
    Stores physically connect shoppers to the retail experience of the brand. On the most basic level, Millennials are impressed by stores that are easy to navigate and connected to technology. Biophilia and connection to the locale of the store also is important, so, focusing on exterior daylight, fresh air and plants that pull on the geographic location is ideal.

  • 3. Gamer World
    Since Millennials grew up with the newest technology in the palm of their hands, they are interested in stores that offer experiences drawing from tech trends. For example, gaming stations that enable shoppers to connect with the brand.

  • 4. Co-Retailing
    Co-retailing spaces offer cheaper renting options for independent start-ups offering exciting, unique products. Take Jose Luis Salon and Boutique in Austin, Texas, for example. It’s an interesting dual-concept shop that sells an assortment of high-end hair, beauty, clothing, jewelry and home décor lines, which are constantly rotated for a fresh customer experience.

    Michael Horton is senior associate and senior project designer, and lead of the retail design direction within Dallas-based lauckgroup. He has an extensive background in retail design for retailers such as YETI, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Watches of Switzerland.

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