• When Adore Apparel, a manufacturer and distributor of women’s fashion, was looking for a more prestigious location in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles, they found a primo location at street level. It was an ideal space with large windows they could use to showcase their branding, fashion and act as a showroom to the trade. Interior desiger Christopher Grubb and his team at Arch-Interiors Design Group transformed the space, which formerly housed a discount retailer, into a sleek showroom.

  • Adore Apparel needed something open, bright and minimalistic for the showroom, as well as office space.


  • To address the uneven ceiling, the ceiling was lowered in the center, which created more of a sense of intimacy in the space.

  • The wall and fixtures are white to create a neutral background for when the clothing is showcased. The bright white Super Thasos tile flooring sets the stage.

  • L-shaped LED fixtures run up the wall and return on the ceiling adding an exciting and dynamic detail, as well as provide an abundance of light.

  • To occupy what could’ve felt like an otherwise empty space, mirrored mannequins are used not for clothing but rather for art.

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