• The Nino Álvarez multi-brand shop in Barcelona, Spain, is housed in a converted former Colmado Quílez, a grocery store that had occupied the space since the 1940s.

    The basement area is where Nino Álvarez wanted to display casual clothing. The new space was created in contrasting black and white.

  • The area dedicated to denim is designed from a large hanging rail (following the perimeter of the premises). Above the rail is a storage system with denim reels. A hydraulic opening system allows easy access to the inside and hides the doors.

  • Structural elements, such as arches and brick walls, have been restructured and lacquered in black in contrast with other materials like mirrors or the resin flooring, which is done in white. In addition, the subversive nature of the works is represented through black fixtures, like dark stained oak wood used in walls, niches and display furniture.

  • The bar breaks up the homogeneity of the store.

  • The walnut wood in its purest form provides warmth, and has been used for auxiliary furniture and structural pillars.

  • The original sign from the old Colmado (formerly located on the façade) has been restored and has been incorporated in one of the mirrors.

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