• In collaboration with Warehouse Brand Consultant Alasdhair Willis, U.K. design firm Checkland Kindleysides has re-imagined the Warehouse retail experience. The new concept has been unveiled at the London Argyll Street store.

  • The 251-sq.-meter store is designed to feel like a continuation of the street, as though one is walking between buildings in a raw representation of the city that is spread across two floors and balances modernity with a gritty urban character.

  • The product is merchandised against building façades that are created from authentic materials. From the entrance, shoppers are guided through the space by bold accent yellow street markings on the concrete floor.

  • The yellow markings run into the staircase handrail and down to the lower floor. A single-run cast-concrete staircase descends into the basement level.

  • A primarily urban and moody color palette is lifted by the use of bright accent colors, including the yellow of street markings and blue of the sky. This contrast reinforces the sensation of walking in the shadows between high-rise buildings in the city.

  • Checkland Kindleysides created a series of digital content to be showcased on screens located at the entrance and back of the store.

  • This moving graphical representation of the sky features birds that “flock” from the first screen to the back, encouraging the consumer to follow them and transition around the space.

  • The store uses a variety of materials to create a dynamic and layered environment. To heighten the urban vibe, materials were selected based on their industrial uses and incorporated into the retail environment in an innovative way.

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