A Defining Moment

By Doug Hope, Founder and Show Director, GlobalShop

Before memories were stored on Instagram and Facebook, or Tweeted to followers, shoppers used to commit memories to their minds and recall them at a later date, quite possibly for years to come (gasp!). Our brain recollections, with only rare exceptions, are not about hours or days, but rather moments. Those which are remembered best are invariably experience-based. In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s become evident that we crave memorable experience, if only for the selfie second that it provides.

The pursuit of experience by both physical and digital retailers is not only based on the chase after Millennials who have demonstrated a preference for experience over goods, but it is also universally sought to create something beyond shopping trips, transcending into a memorable occasion. Bricks-and-mortar retailers are resolved to deliver a rich and meaningful shopper experience. And online retailers—which after a quarter-century have only achieved a single-digit percentage of total retail sales—are mindful that the experience-deprived and sanitized online world necessitates the need to make their foray into bricks and mortar, seeking to create an experiential retail soul.

Thematically, GlobalShop 2017 touts that “Experience Defines You,” inviting attendees and exhibitors alike to define what the elusive yet essential “experience” means. And that is the mission that every retail entity acknowledges as the great challenge of today’s retailing generation. The goal is creation of extraordinary experiences and those that translate to the eager purchase of services and goods by satisfied and loyal shoppers.

Because GlobalShop also is an experience, we’ve been at work this past year on not only a conference that aims to help retailers and brands meet this need, but also the creation of the “Experience Journey,” which maps out experiential points on the GlobalShop show floor to help inspire new ideas you can use in-store.

It’s our 25th year serving the market, and 2017 is gearing up to be a record-breaking year. For those of you who will join us this year, we look forward to creating an experience you will long remember. And don’t forget to Instagram it. #globalshop


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