• The design:retail HONORS event, recently held in New York, recognized this year’s 40 Under 40 recipients and Anne Kong, winner of the 2018 Markopoulos Award.

    Shown here: 2018 40 Under 40 honorees, along with 2018 Markopoulos Award winner Anne Kong and members of the Markopoulos Circle

  • Denny Gerdeman, Chute Gerdeman; Andy Hearle and Robert Perilstein, Vitra Retail

  • Jennifer Schillen, Bernstein Display; Craig Morgan; Emma Morgan, Tiffany & Co.; Lori Lindemann, Bernstein Display

  • Jonathan Perkins and Jessica Yu, Equinox; Gerardo Mellado, Lord & Taylor

  • Germana Gioglio, Norman Roberts, Meredith Seeds, Aki Okada and Britt Bender, FRCH Design Worldwide

  • Adam Kavett, Bryana Walker and Tia Remington-Bell, Envirosell

  • Ryan Beroset and Julie Bruno, R.G. Barry

  • Grant Krueger, Phil Rees, Carly Tysh, Nicolo Bernardi and Eric Daniel, FITCH

  • Markopolous Award Winners Tom Beebe (2010), Anne Kong (2018), Eric Feigenbaum (2012) and Judy Bell (1999)

  • Ingrid Linton, JPMA Global Inc.; Jhipo Hong, JH Retail Design; Michelle Garofalo, JPMA Global Inc.

  • Tracey Woodward, D L English Design; Bill Goodu, BG+PO; Deborah English, D L English Design

  • Patrick Stringer, Under Armour; Mia Olney, Noa Brands; Henry Ramirez, Under Armour; Nick Travelstead, Travelstead; Ellen Johnson, Noa Brands

  • Jay Wadley, Found Objects; Alexandra Kolbe, IN GOOD CO

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