• Égalité is the project of Master Boulanger Thierry Loy when he moved to Milan. It brings an authentic French boulangerie to Milan and offers a wealth of different types of fresh and fragrant products to be consumed on the spot or taken away throughout the day.

  • The interior design is by the Milan-based Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners. With Égalité, Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has put on show the savoir-faire of the French bakery tradition.

  • The design combines 1950s bakery elements, such as the large yellow-orange polished counter and the beige tile wall, with a selection of materials that express simplicity and authenticity, such as the solid wood shelving.

  • The large laboratory and oven in the main room put the work of the bakers at the center of the visual narrative with their bread making directly visible to customers.

  • Égalité is several things in one—a bakery, a shop selling fresh and packaged products, the perfect place for a coffee, lunch, afternoon snack or aperitif.

  • The 215-sq.-meter space overlooks the street with seven windows, The floors and fixtures give the whole space a taste of truth and tradition.

  • Bright and intimate at the same time, thanks to the layout made of islands with small and large tables, highs and lows, benches or stools, it has the flavor of a lived-in place, as if it had always been part of the neighborhood scene.

  • Égalité offers the flavors and fragrances typical of French boulangerie and its cafés, with a peculiar atmosphere and distinctive touch of reinterpreted tradition.

  • Égalité also offers the specialties of sweet and savory patisserie boulangère: croissant, tarte tatin, quiche, a selection of “chèvre chaud” salads, sandwiches like the “jambon-beurre”, the famous croque monsieur…

  • The experience is enriched by a selection of French wines, prosecco, champagne and cocktails.

  • The bread is the outcome of long-standing experience and research into dough, leavening, flour and French baking techniques, carried out by Thierry Loy in the laboratory of Égalité. Here, you will find five different types of baguettes, seven types of bread, as well as one variety of the day, always different.

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