• The Artist House in Hong Kong is a multipurpose space to explore craft beers through co-creation and experiences. By exploring the five senses, people get to touch, see, hear, smell and taste the process of beer making. It was designed by Hong Kong-based Avoid Obvious Architects (design), along with TheeAe Architects (design and build). The design of The Artist House is cultural, sustainable and flexible, with the form coming from the Belgian barn where the craft beer is made. The space used reclaimed materials on the walls and furniture to reduce its carbon footprint.

  • Flexible seating, along with barn-shaped booth areas, allow visitors to relax and enjoy a selection of craft beers, fine artisan spirits, craft beer cocktails and other unique artisan beverages. The background graphic in the booth space is a combination of beer and Lion Roc, a famous mountain in Hong Kong.

  • The Artist House is an education brewery, where people can learn about craft beer and also can customize their own bottle with different ingredients from the Aqua Farm.

  • The Scent Station in the back of the bar area offers guests a unique experience related to craft beer making. Educational information on beer-making is presented as wall art.

  • The beer display cabinet also is a hidden door that leads to the event space.

  • The Artist House provides an intimate setting for several types of events. and has many amenities. The use of movable furniture, customized storage and creative lighting helps to increase the flexibility of the space.

  • The in-house Aqua Farm provides most of the ingredients for their food and drinks, including edible flowers and herbs. It helps to lower the carbon footprint by lowering the traffic distance, reducing water and fertilizer consumption by 90 percent. The farm allows customers to co-create their own food and drink.

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