• New York-based architecture and design firm Mapos created a flagship location for ‘wichcraft, a restaurant founded by Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortuzar. This location is in New York’s Garment District on 38th St. and Broadway.

  • The space revolves around an easy-to-navigate layout with the sales counter at the back of the dining room with the menu board overhead. The center of the dining room was left open to accommodate a high volume of traffic, increasing visibility of the menu board and allowing customers to quickly grasp the fast-casual format and the food and beverage offering.

  • Standing within the sales counter is a large base-building structural column. Mapos wrapped this column in terra cotta tiles and branded graphics, turning what may have been an impediment into a centralized brand design object.

  • To enhance legibility, the menu was set against white ceramic and oak. The board’s tiled signage can be reconfigured quickly to reflect seasonal items.

  • Extending out from the storefront counters are three large bar-height tables with seating on both sides for informal communal dining. Hanging overhead is the Mapos designed barn-frame central lighting pendant.

  • Immediately to the right of the central open space sits the modular Market Wall, which places branded merchandise and graphics at the most prominent wall, and easily seen through the storefront from the sidewalk. Cookbooks, packaged goods, and other branded merchandise add to the food offering and sit adjacent to the ordering queue for impulse buys.

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