• 1. Everything Old Is New
    Layers of history—whether in wood, stone or brick—make a fine backdrop for the new and noteworthy. Fragments from the past change context and rewrite the familiar. Old, weathered and worn is more exciting than ever.

  • 2. Street Art Interiors
    I’m struck by the graffiti murals—intricate designs, simple stencils and scratched inscriptions—that I’ve come across recently. They add a human element to an otherwise cool, modern space and the results are exciting, surprising and entertaining.

  • 3. Conscious Consumerism
    Repurposed materials and recycled products are just the beginning. If every purchase is a choice, the conscientious consumer also asks, “Where was this made?” and “How was it produced?” The handiwork of the artisan is a compelling alternative to the sleekly manufactured.

  • 4. The Calming Palette
    Neutrals and naturals soothe rather than strain. They’re pleasing to the eye and calming to the psyche. These delicate hues have the power to slow your pace. They will entice you to linger, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.

  • 5. Tactile Experiences
    I’m seeing a break from the streamlined, high-tech environment we’ve been captivated by for the last decade or more. Painted brick. Foiled wood. Rivets. Run your fingers over chunky sweaters, nubby jackets and silken shirts. You can’t do that on a screen.

  • 6. Juxtaposition
    Natural and industrial. Vintage and modern. Rough and smooth. The juxtaposition of styles, materials and finishes is a welcome respite from the sleek, modern and polished. We’re moving away from pristine, museum-like settings toward “hoarder chic.”

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