• Andigo Credit Union wanted to infuse its new brand into its branches, so the company partnered with Milwaukee-based La Macchia Group to bring its brand to life starting with the Schaumburg, Ill., branch. From the custom-branded carpet to the “Andigo orange” wall coverings, elements of the brand are infused into the whole design.

  • Mimicking the logo mark, the slanted roof adds a unique branded touch while increasing the amount of natural light within the lobby. The clerestory windows act as an interior billboard for the custom branding on the lobby ceiling.

  • Teller pods create a retail environment that still operates like a traditional teller line. A digital canopy overlays the branded teller pods, which also acts as a natural way finder in the lobby.

  • The member lounge features modern furniture with height-adjustable tables. The space can be used as a waiting area, or for meeting and relationship-building with clients.

  • At the Connect Station, members can use financial services on iPads directly with staff for a personalized member experience.

  • The Kids’ Play Zone allows members with children a space to access kid-focused financial activities.

  • The “resi-mercial” inspired conference room is designed to create open conversation without the barrier of a conference table.

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