• Primark unveiled its first flagship store in Amsterdam, with interiors designed by London-based design studio HMKM. The seven-floor, 89,000-sq.-ft. space marks the latest milestone in the retailer’s international expansion strategy.

  • Celebrating the city’s distinctive architectural heritage and dynamic contemporary spirit, the store’s design blends tradition with bold modern statements to create a dynamic, youthful, engaging experience which echoes Primark’s own brand qualities

  • A dramatic cross-tile floor pattern, based on similar patterns used widely across the city’s public and private spaces, defines key circulation routes throughout.

  • In the womenswear section, floor finishes lighten from deep greys to subtle neutral tones.

  • The tall, gable-fronted houses that line Amsterdam’s waterways make a visual appearance behind a cashwrap.

  • A giant fret-cut city map anchors the ground floor’s trend space.

  • A six-story-high tile-patterned wall serves as the store’s central focal point.

  • Industrial frames, exposed columns and graphic lighting grids are played off against shimmering polycarbonate accents, fragmented graphic panels and angled glass fins which reflect the subtle refractions of the city’s canals—a sensation mirrored in the menswear department, which is immersed in deep underwater tones.

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