• The Shop at Bluebird is relocating from Chelsea to the historic Carriage Hall on Covent Garden’s Floral Street, creating an eclectic, whimsical “Playground of Wonders,” designed by Dalziel & Pow.

  • The 15,000-sq.-ft. oasis will offer up inspiration, escapism and hidden gems amid spectacular décor, including a triple-height day-lit atrium.

  • Customers can browse two dedicated retail floors and a large restaurant on the upper floor.

  • Given the understated, subtle design of the facade, the interior by contrast, make a dramatic impact. Capturing the creative, free-spirited essence of the brand, found furniture and lush greenery are used together for a warm, welcoming and quirky effect.

  • Dalziel & Pow drew on the rich heritage of the Carriage House, embracing the original architecture, archways and beams. Elements representing the building’s Victorian architecture have been boldly interwoven with the Art Deco style of the King’s Road venue: draped curtains, rich velvet textures and ornate patterning meet geometric shapes and sweeping curves.

  • In contrast to traditional luxury retail experiences, The Shop at Bluebird offers contemporary democratic luxury, an open, inviting, generous and engaging experience.

  • “The premium brand offer of The Shop at Bluebird is a potent one, helped by the landlord’s ambitions to re-generate the previously quiet ‘back streets’ of Covent Garden. This can become the ‘must-see’ fashion lifestyle store in London,” says David Dalziel, creative director at Dalziel & Pow.

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