• For 40 years, Stanley Eisenman Fine Shoes has been the destination for luxury brand shoes in Fort Worth, Texas. Designer Bart Shaw of Ibañez Shaw Architecture LLC was charged with reimagining the brand and to fashion a customer experience that connects to a new generation. The sculptural storefront, signage, modular curved glass shelving system and furnishings were all designed and custom fabricated for the project.

  • A progression of curved fins extend from the storefront revealing the shoes one or two at a time as you walk by, inviting an intimate examination of the window display. The storefront glass sits within a façade fabricated entirely of steel, which was refined and painted using a matte black and pearlescent automotive finishing process.

  • The design seeks to curate an experience based on appreciation and awareness of the merchandise as objects of art. The point of sale is made of solid surface and glass.

  • The alternating weaves of the flooring and linear lighting reinforce lines throughout the space that draw from the vertical planes of the sculptural storefront.

  • The exterior and interior signage, steel cantilevered shelves and curvilinear shoe display walls were completed with the same pearlescent finish as the exterior fins.

  • Contrasted against the white elements, the full color and detail of each shoe are radiantly apparent.

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