Shopin Announces Partnership with TRAUB

Universal shopper profile network Shopin has announced a new partnership with consumer and retail corporate and business development firm TRAUB. TRAUB will assist Shopin in market education and outreach for prospective retailers to join the social network. CEO Mortimer Singer and senior associate Michael Boord will both join the Shopin board of advisors as well.

“We have been following blockchain developments closely for some time, and the technology used as a distributed shopper profile has tremendous potential to optimize critical security issues within our industry, as well as significantly enhance the consumer experience,” Singer says. “With the current issues surrounding the security of user data, we are pleased to partner with Shopin and its mission to create a retail environment that respects user privacy while at the same time empowers retailers to succeed.”

“When the world of retail looks for innovation, they turn to TRAUB and its legacy of success in assisting retailers achieve growth objectives,” adds Shopin CEO Eran Eyal. “We are thrilled to be partnering with TRAUB in this venture that we believe will help bring Shopin to the world of retail for mass adoption. Our unique vision for how blockchain technology, AI (artificial intelligence), and cryptocurrency can create a more sustainable global retail economy is exactly what the ever-changing retail sector needs. In today’s environment, shoppers should be in complete control of their personal purchase data to share with retailers for the most amazing and secure shopping experience possible.”


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