Let’s Get Cooking

By Mark Faithfull

Photos by Marcin Ratajczak

Bidfood Farutex, one of the leading countrywide food distributors in Poland, aims to be more than just a foodservice provider. To that end, the chilled and frozen food specialist launched its Culinary Academy, an approximately 1,000-sq.-ft. space set within the company’s distribution facilities. Designed by Paznań, Poland-based architecture firm mode:lina, the Culinary Academy has been specifically designed not only for presentations, culinary classes and sommelier workshops, but also for meetings and training courses aimed at larger groups, with the auditorium able to seat more than 40 people theater-style.

The design team proposed a stripped-back, industrial and open kitchen set up in the style of a television studio, topped with black latticework and a complete set of multimedia equipment. Thanks to a series of hanging televisions and retractable screens, guests are able to see the preparation of their meals clearly from the auditorium.

It also means that the cooks are facing out to the audience during food preparation. “Since a chef rules the roost during shows, we wanted an exposed kitchen,” allowing the cooks to present and interact with onlookers at all times, explains Pawel Garus, owner of mode:lina.

Completed in January 2017, the predominantly black steel construction has been further extended to create a perimeter shelving system with interior-lit wooden cubes, used for storing wines from all over the world to further support the proposition. Neon signs above the shelving make it easier to locate a bottle from the user’s favorite location, while adding to the pared-back and industrial feel of the entire space.

The end result is a satisfying recipe that mixes industrial touches with elegant lines for a chic, clean look that satisfies design-hungry eyes.


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