Next Wave

By Joann Plockova

Photos by Patricia Parinejad

In Miami’s Mixed-use Brickell City Center, a curvaceous, white retail space feels like walking through the barrel of a wave. The 1,800-sq.-ft. store marks the stateside debut of In-Sight, a Spanish concept shop with an eclectic and exclusive product offering—including design and art objects, and clothing and accessories from the likes of Alexander Wang and DSquared.

“In-Sight offers a bold selection of products, and we thought the existing stores weren’t taking advantage of this,” says Jaime Oliver, co-director of Mallorca, Spain-based OHLAB, the studio behind the design. “Our goal was to fully understand the brand and their product to position ourselves inside the brand, to actually inhabit the brand.”

The team succeeded in creating a truly immersive experience. Using In-Sight’s binocular-like logo as a source of inspiration, they designed an all-white volume made from 24 circular panels placed in succession. Together, each of the wood and Corian cut-outs form a geometric tunnel. A graphic panel featuring a trompe l’oeil on the far wall creates the illusion that the white curvy tube goes on and on.

Dizzyingly gorgeous, this funky form offers function as well: gaps in between each panel provide opportunities for storage, seating and display.


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