Story Time

By Joann Plockova

Photos by Daniel Rueda

In Valencia, Spain, local design studio CLAP has turned a tiny corner spot into a playful shopping experience. A mix of graphic lines, primary colors and clean space, Little Stories, a children’s shoe shop, was designed to satisfy little shoppers and adults alike.

“Our goal was to create a positive shopping experience for the little ones, without forgetting that the real buyers are the adults,” says Angela Montagud, a designer at CLAP. “Every detail is designed to encourage imagination and play, but at the same time highlight products.”

Beginning at the façade and carrying through to the floors, whimsical strokes—inspired by the brand’s graphic identity (also created by CLAP)—invite children to follow and play with them. “We focused on creating an interior that would be immediately associated with the word ‘game,’” Montagud says. Tube-shaped lighting fixtures in blue, yellow and red illuminate the nearly all white space and further draw attention to the products, which are cleanly displayed on moveable magnetic metal wall plates and portable floor stands—both allowing for an adaptable space. Rounded fitting room door frames and a double-height mirror offer additional playful elements and reflect the shape of the shop’s massive windows, which help to open up the space.

“Having a small space—barely [750 sq. ft.]—and huge windows, we knew that we had to turn the interior into an immense showcase, as if we were designing a scenography,” Montagud adds.

From inside and out, Little Stories is a big hit.


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