That’s a Wrap

By Michelle M. Havich

Photo courtesy of Natelee Cocks

In a culture where gift-giving is an important activity, Maska Wraps in Dubai is a place that will transform a simple gift into a personal work of art—think luxury fabrics, trinkets, flowers and gems.

Located in the Fashion Avenue of The Dubai Mall, the Maska Wraps kiosk is perfectly situated among the luxury brand stores. Owner Fatmal Al Khool has streamlined the gift-wrapping process into three steps—wrapping, embellishing and adding a card—and the kiosk’s 360-degree design allows staff to seamlessly move clients through the process. Minimal graphics form a navigation guide.

Designed by local firm Sneha Divias Atelier, the kiosk is made with pine wood, which, according to the company, is “a soft, versatile and cost-effective type of wood that allowed for a sculpted effect with a vein variation moving horizontally and vertically across the panels.” The wood is accented with slate, glass and black powdercoated stainless steel.
The kiosk is functional for the needs of a gift-wrapping station, with open displays of paper and fabric options hanging behind the central wrapping area, and drawers for embellishments.

Storage for the multitude of supplies needed is at a premium. To that end, Khoori sent the design firm samples of every item of inventory to ensure the perfect dimensions of drawers, shelves and cabinets. A darker shelter feature houses a flower display and gift cards.

Who would have thought you could create such luxury out of paper and pine?


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