Tour de Brand

By Mark Faithfull

Photo by Patryk Lewiński

Established by a group of Polish bicycle enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion for two wheels, the VÈLO7 store in Poznań, Poland, is dedicated to the sale of premium-quality bicycles. The founders decided to create a store that would reflect their obsession and called in Polish-based studio mode:lina to design a space that could accommodate all the functions of a bike retail, service and repair shop and be a place for bike testing.

The design team tapped into bicycle inspirations for the visual identity of the brand and the 1,076-sq.-ft. store, which opened in August 2017.

Triangular forms and slanted surfaces, used throughout the interior in elements such as dividing lines and lighting, imitate the shape of a bicycle frame. This characteristic geometry has also been translated into specially designed bike racks, which resulted in additional space for visual merchandising of the bicycles.

“VÈLO7 is a young brand, and the budget for the shop’s design played a significant role,” says Jerzy Woźniak, co-founder of mode:lina. “That is why it was most important to us that we were able to suggest low-budget solutions. The functionality and aesthetics of the interior are clever and well thought-out, and the bicycles and accessories stand out, thanks to a very minimalistic concept for the interior.”

The store includes zones that are divided in a way that resembles a bicycle wheel, with the display zone located in the center (the hub) and converging lines representing the spokes. The interior has a dynamic form to reflect the rhythm of bicycle races. Because the brand is owned by genuine enthusiasts, their passion and commitment had to be reflected throughout.


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