Touch, Click, Pay

By Erin M. Loewe

Photo courtesy of oak labs

Forget the cashwraps and lines—there’s a new checkout method in town. Oak Labs Inc., the tech-retail startup that launched with the futuristic Oak Mirror, recently added functionality to the mirror’s touchscreen interface. In addition to adjusting the lighting and viewing purchasing options and recommendations, shoppers can now complete their check-out inside the dressing room using their phones to interact with the Oak Mirror’s near-field communication (NFC) device.

Healey Cypher, co-founder and CEO of Oak Labs, says adding the functionality to check out on the Oak Mirror will streamline the shopping experience even more at the stores that already embrace the technology.

“We have really compelling data from the Oak Mirror,” Cypher says. “Since we launched it, we’ve seen an average of 84 percent customer engagement, whether it’s changing the lights, changing the language or making a request. The average basket list is 59 percent up to 72 percent, so people are spending 59 percent more when going in a store and using an Oak Mirror.”

It seems like adding payment functionality to the Oak Mirror might be a double-edged sword, resulting in shorter check-out lines but longer dressing room wait times. Not so, Cypher says.
“People actually spend 40 percent less time in the dressing room,” he explains. “A customer can ask for something, and the associate can respond immediately and keep track of what’s happening with her iPad.”

The functional yet striking technology of the Oak Mirror works well on its own or synergistically with Oak Labs’ other products, like Oak Stockroom, which can tell the associate where a needed size or color is (on the floor or online). With the integration of a seamless check-out, Cypher says the company is inching closer to its ultimate goal: “the future of retail will be a beautifully designed one.”

Retail’s the fairest of them all.


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