A Place for Gamers

By Robin Enright Salcido

Photo courtesy of ESC GAMES

The gaming industry continues to experience explosive growth (with some even anticipating 18 percent annual growth). With the growing popularity of ELEAGUE and other eSports professional video game competitions being broadcast internationally through television and live streams, what was once a solo experience is quickly emerging into a group movement.

“In an age where most interactions are between a single person and a screen, people are increasingly hungry for group experiences that provide an opportunity to have fun and interact with not only friends, but also strangers,” says Edwin Schlossberg, founder and chairman of ESC Games. “ESC Games takes the ideas driving current game trends a major step further by harnessing the latest in technology and entertainment to create an unparalleled gaming and social experience.”

To accomplish this, ESC Games opened the first of its kind ESC Game Theater in Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, N.J. The theater allows up to 30 people to play games on a massive screen with a live emcee and concert-quality surround sound. The theater might be geared toward Millennials and casual gamers, but the invitation is open to all to come in and experience the excitement of shared video game competition.

Don’t live in New Jersey? No worries. Paramus won’t be the last stop for the ESC Game Theater.

“Our goal is to expand quickly and carefully by partnering with a select group of partners to expand Game Theater locations on a national and global scale,” says Todd Swidler, CEO, ESC Games. “Potential partners include cruise lines, movie theaters, malls, restaurants, amusement parks and other high-traffic venues that are looking to entertain and engage guests.”

Game on!


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