On Trend: Big Art

By Vilma Barr

Photo by Eric Laignel

Murals have assumed different roles throughout history, from cave drawings to fine art to political statements. In today’s stores and restaurants, murals are a communications medium, sending sublime, strident or illusionary messages. The artist’s vision is interpreted on walls, ceilings or other surfaces, whether flat, concave or convex. Its visual statement, both literary and theatrical, gives a stage-like dimension to the environment.

1. For the White Monkey Lab & Bar in Leipzig, Germany, designers Ippolito Fleitz created a collage of images interpreted from real and imaged scenes of differing eras. The abstract and surreal expanse of colors and visions engage visitors to the venue, which is a restaurant during the day and adds a cocktail bar ambience for the evening.


2. At the Kimpton Hotel Palomar in downtown San Diego, the exposed brick wall of the restaurant, bar and lounge area became the canvas for a dynamic depiction of the forces of fire and mythological human and animal forms. Ware Malcomb served as the project’s architects, in collaboration with interior designers Studio Unltd.
Photo by Sam Wells Photography


3. Murals help evoke an exotic Oriental bazaar at Schuhbeck’s World of Fine Spices in Munich. Founded by famous chef Alfons Schuhbeck, the store features two levels adorned with views of the heavens and classic Oriental buildings that represent the origins of the spices on display. LED spotlights and downlights emphasize the color of the spices, the murals and the glitter of the elaborate gilding.
Photo by Dirk Vogel


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