Retail Residential

By Joann Plockova

When shopping, it’s sometimes difficult to visualize what a sofa, lamp or vase might look like in our own space. Some brands are making that easier by designing their retail environments to look like homes, while others are even setting up stores inside actual residences—both making us feel more at ease when we shop. A retail space that makes you feel right at home—it doesn’t get more relaxed than that. We wonder if anyone has put their feet up on the coffee table yet.


1. The Apartment by The Line

Designed by creative directors Vanessa Traina and Melanie Glass, The Apartment by The Line in Los Angeles (the brand’s second offline shop following the first in New York) offers “a place of connection in a vast and sprawling city,” says Stephanie Murg, one of The Line’s founding members. Located in West Hollywood’s retail hotspot Melrose Place, the by-appointment showroom is “a serene space designed as a home in which The Line’s refined, versatile and honest goods—spanning the categories of fashion, home, beauty and art—come together in distinct rooms,” Murg explains.
Photo courtesy of The Line


2. Casa Perfect

In the West Hollywood Hills, The Future Perfect’s new Casa Perfect puts the brand’s distinctive wares inside an open-plan, four-bedroom, mid-century home. “I think the advantage for us is that we could create an environment for our client that was truly private and intimate,” says The Future Perfect Founder David Ahhadeff. “I actually live in Casa Perfect; it’s my Los Angeles home. Hosting clients [there] transforms my relationship with them; they aren’t just my clients, they’re my guests.”
Photo by Lauren Coleman


3. Lost and Found

In Beijing, B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio recently redesigned the store of furniture brand Lost and Found “as a home, not as a store,” says architect Shuhei Aoyama. Including a living room, dining room, bedroom and a study—all divided by an inner courtyard—the new shop offers customers a place to stay a while. “The main function of the store has already transformed from selling products to experiencing and communicating with the brand,” Aoyama says.
Photo by Misae Hiromatsu


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