De[light]ful Design

By Lauren Bartlett

Photos courtesy of LightArt

Lighting is a powerful design tool with the ability to change the way we experience a space, down to
emotions, visibility and even productivity.

With this premise at its heart, Seattle-based custom lighting design studio LightArt crafts a multitude of lighting solutions, including the newest addition to the sconce lighting collection—the recently launched Square Sconce, which goes back to the basics of the clean shape of a square.

LightArt offers more than 250 color options and multiple finishes, as well as an LED option. Various shades of lighting can be accomplished with Square Sconce—from a heavier mood to simple task lighting. The LightArt team worked together for this product collaboration, led by Andrew Elliott, design and project management, and Ryan Smith, president and creative director of LightArt.

“We wanted to create a product that can break up a blank wall in a colorful and visually interesting way—a lighting solution that goes beyond illumination and becomes a focal
design element,” Smith explains.

Colorful, simple, impactful and beautiful—light truly is an art.


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