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  • The Tipping Point for Self-Service Kiosks in Restaurants
    With the razor-thin margins seen by most restaurant operators, persuading them to invest thousands or millions of dollars in a new technology can be a difficult task at best and downright impossible at worst. Nowhere is that difficulty more apparent than in the realm of kiosk technology. Self-order kiosks, which customers use to place and pay for their orders via a touchscreen as opposed to standing in line at the counter, have been making inroads into the restaurant industry for a few years, and some operators have taken the plunge.

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  • Building a Better Customer Experience from the Ground Up
    A store environment that contributes to a positive customer experience plays a key role in earning brand loyalty. Learn how different elements of the physical environment come together to create a distinctive and memorable atmosphere, and discover how specific design strategies can be used to enhance the customer experience. These strategies will help you capture the essence of your brand, guide shoppers through the store environment, and maintain a fresh appearance that consumers demand.

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  • Succeeding with Millennials at Retail
    A generational passing of the baton is underway that will increasingly force retailers and brands to respond to consumers in new ways. Anyone who wants to market a brand or merchandise a store should take note; the Millennial generation is already forming lifelong-shopping behaviors. A comprehensive understanding of Millennials is foundational for marketers and retailers.

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